Sunday, July 1, 2007

Long weekend in the city...

While most people were heading out of the city to various wilderness vacation destinations, I stayed. I remained in the city mostly because I had obligations here in the form of work, but it didn't turn out to be a bad thing. Actually on the contrary, it was one of the better long weekends I can remember.

See, as my buddy Clayton Nelson says, "I love being in the city on the long weekends, because no body is here." (that's probably not an exact quote, but the idea)...he says he likes the fact that the coffee shops aren't busy, that the traffic isn't as feels sort of like you're actually able to slow down even though you are still in the concrete jungle.

What I liked about this weekend was the fact that going for ice cream, or going to a movie, or just napping half the afternoon away was not such an imposition... What a freeing feeling. For example, today, I went to church then went to have lunch with Dana and some other friends at the Old Spaghetti Factory at the forks (we took our time there, no rush right)...then after that, Dana and I went to her parents house for about 5 hours, just chilled, played some boggle and had a good meal. What a beautiful thing it is to forget about schedules and deadlines and all the things we do to become more free but (mainly) only leaves us more constricted. It's nice to drop those things and to just be. It's nice to just do what you like, do what you want to do for a day.

So, next time you think you are stuck in the city for a long weekend...think again, you're not stuck, you can actually be quite free.

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hannah said...

hi, this is hannah and grandma and we are sitting here enjoyigny our blog.
(we also enjoyed some cookies earler that we made.)
grandma thinks that you use your words ina avary nice way...
love and prayers.
hannah and grandma A.