Saturday, August 25, 2007

Saturday morning Starbucks kaibosch

it's about 7:15am on Saturday morning. Some may be wondering why I'm up this early on a Saturday. Well I start work at 6:30am Saturday mornings. Some may be wondering how I am blogging while I'm at...oh the light just came on.

Yeah I totally turned off my alarm and slept through it all. I can't even say it was an accident because somewhere in my psyche something said, "turn that wreched noise off, I don't need that this early!"

The worst part about it all is that on Saturdays I'm only available until 1pm, which means that he (my manager...whom I was supposed to open with...yeah bad time to be late) had to wake some poor soul up to cover for my sorry keister, then try and fill shifts accordingly. So, basically, because I turned off my alarm, 7 other people's days are messed up.

I'm being hard on myself because I just hate being late. It bothers me, and especially these kinds of things where you really screw some others over because of your tardiness. I definately know that I wouldn't want to be the one getting the early morning call on Saturday.

At any rate, now I'm waiting to hear whether he even wants me in today or not because of my availability on Saturday, or lack there of... not being able to cover for a shift later in the day.

So if anyone of my Starbucks homie's who work Saturday are reading this...sorry.

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