Tuesday, May 13, 2008

it's all good

So this is my first post as a married man, and though I'm sure the writing style won't be very different, I'm sure that my thoughts and musings I write down will be.

Being married is great! And I know what most people that have been married for a while think when they hear that, "oh just wait... it'll hit ya."

I say (as my junior high friend used to say) "nuts ta that." The world needs less negative poison splattered all over things that are good. I'm not naive, I don't deny that there will or can be hard times in a marriage...but my thoughts are, maybe it's a blessing that the world has newlyweds, as it could (I'm sure) remind some folks who have been married "way too long" that marriage is great, that it's o.k. to be lovin' it...that it's not just the "ole' ball and chain."

So I say to God, thank you again for this incredible gift.


gavin said...

Agreed. Marriage is one of the few things that can defy the laws of physics and not tend toward chaos.

marty dyck said...

fruits.... you got it right man...6 years for me and its only gonna get better....the world aint got nothin on it.