Thursday, July 8, 2010

Grace Prayer

So I have been looking for camp resources online as we will be heading out to Clear Lake right away and I came across some "Grace Prayers" (praying for meals) and this is what I found:

JESUS WAS A COOL DUDE (To the tune of "We will, we will rock you" by Queen)

"Jesus was a cool dude,
40 days with no food,
Then he wrote the golden rule and that's O.K.
He's got love on his face!
Full of grace!
He's spreadin' his word all over the place!
Singin' we will, we will,
Praise him yah! Praise him WOO! (x2)"

Can you dig it?


Anonymous said...

I dig.

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cfoxes33 said...

This was so awesome!

Anonymous said...

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angeljosue said...

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Koishii_Ookami said...

This was quite amusing. Thank you for sharing that.

Morgan said...

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Winnipeg said...

Hi Cody, It's me, Jen = )

How's it going?