Monday, November 19, 2007

Bombers vs Riders...what a beauty

I can't think of a better match-up for CFL's most coveted cup. Perhaps it is because my home team is in it, and perhaps it is because it is arguably the best rivalry in the CFL!

My boys are going into the Cup with their 2nd stringer at the helm... You know what though, I'm not all that worried for some reason. I think the man from Boise State will do just fine.

As for the networks that were hoping these two teams wouldn't be in the big Dance because ratings would be down... I say this to them: "The only thing good about the cities of Toronto and Vancouver is the number 1 hyway that leads straight to Winnipeg!"

Obviously I say that half fecisiously, as I know some good folks from those cities...however, gear up folks...This will be one heck of a show! W

What a beauty, I can't wait.


Brandon said...

It's gonna be grrrrrreat!

Randall said...

The best day in the CFL EVER!!

I hope the fans leave green and blue paint all over the Big Smoke when they leave.

It'll be a good reminder of what really matters in life.


Anonymous said...

surprisingly enough...i'm actually looking forward to this game. your love of the bombers just might be wearing off on me...