Thursday, February 21, 2008

Old Saint Boniface

I took a walk outside today. That was something I had not done for a long time it seemed. It was nice to breathe fresh air, to see the expanse of the sky, and to get some much needed exercise.

I live in St. Boniface now, and so my travels today took me down Tache, up to Provencier, and finally finishing at the Salisbury House on the L'esplanade Riel (I'm totally not french so I'm sure I've butchered some of these words). I almost feel instantly cooler for living in St. Boniface because it's street signs and business signs are all french. It's like living in the french quarter is ultra cool even though probably a lot of us living there don't speak a bit of french.

I like that I can walk down Tache, see the bascilica, see a big statue of Louis Riel's head, all the while having the Winnipeg skyline in my peripheral vision. There is a lot of history around where I live now. I'm really liking it, it's going to be a good place to be for a while now.

Jusqu'a la fois suivante, restez chic!


San Gregorio said...

I love St. B. She be a beautiful area.

gavin said...

Boniface, which I believe is French for a whale's vagina.

cody anderson said...

questionable at best forcarons

Luedemann said...

I believe it was an old wooden ship.