Thursday, March 13, 2008

famous ones

So I don't know why I was thinking about this today, but as I was driving home from work at Starbucks I was remembering the famous people that I have served coffee there over the year I've worked there now. These are their names:

1. Stu Grimson
2. Ace Burpee
That is all.

O.k. so maybe they're not really famous (although if you don't know them you can find them on the Google) but it's funny how I remember those experiences so clear. I can remember what they said, what their facial expressions looked like, even what they were doing that day.

Ace was going skateboarding at the forks early Saturday morning so he could beat the rush of young kids in the afternoon, and Stu was in town during the Christmas holidays all the way from Toronto to visit with the in laws.

As I pondered this I thought about my other job, at the church, and the most famous people to ever come in there. These are their names:

1. God
2. David Rae

No big deal right?

See, it's crazy that we think like we do. The fact that the maker of the universe is among us week after week, and I can hardly recognize he's there let alone remember what he looked like, what he said, or what he was doing, causes me to think something is a little off kilter... right Dave?


Jarika said...

didn't you serve hawksley workman with me? he was a "regular" for about a week.
ace burpee LOVES marvin.
and i also served bam margera and rob james (canadian idol). you should do a starbucks poll and see how many "celebs" people have served. this one girl, jules, who used to work at broadway served johnathan taylor thomas! and some girl at osborne served philip seymour hoffman!

cody anderson said...

see there's been a serious lack of fame at the corydon starbucks lately... and who is hawksley workman? I hope I'm not too ignorant in saying that... philip seymour hoffman is the man, that wouldn've been cool to see him.

Jarika said...

it's because i'm gone, hahahha. hawksley workman is a's okay, not a whole lot of people know about him. he's canadian and he got pretty big in europe. if i saw philip seymour hoffman i probably would have fainted. he's one of my favourite actors!

Anonymous said...

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