Friday, April 9, 2010

Generous or not... that is the question.

I think my older bro may be right in thinking about money. It has been a common thought pattern (and trend) among those around my age category that making too much money is not a good thing.

Let's just get something straight. Making too much money is a tough statement to put forward, because how much is too much? Also, making a lot of money is not a bad thing, but rather a potentially dangerous thing.

Perhaps the questions should be more about what is coming out of our pockets, rather than what is going in. I have a feeling God is concerned when people ignore relationships in order to make that extra few bucks, yes. But I do feel God is VERY concerned with how generous we are.

So a guy or gal makes $80,000 in a year. Is that a reason to judge them, or think they are doing a bad thing? Maybe... if the situation is right. But, that is mostly not our place. We should start asking ourselves the question, "Am I a generous person or not?"

With money, I think the saying is true that it is not what comes in that defiles a person but what comes out. It is true that wretchedness can creep out easier when so much money is coming in, but it doesn't need to be that way.

Let us all seek to be generous people, whether we make ten grand or one hundred grand. Wrestle with it.