Tuesday, April 20, 2010

stocks and golfs

So I am sitting in a Starbucks right now waiting for a meeting to commence, and the "meetee's" to get here. As I have been here only about 10 minutes, I have already heard a guy have a 10 minute conversation with a worker at the store about which perfect water bottle to get, for he needs just the perfect one for his golf bag as he golfs away the summer.

The other guy in here is on his computer, I can see it right now, and as he is chatting with a person across the table from him he is simultaneously checking out his stocks... No lie.

The point of me writing this is not so much to condemn the stock market or golf, but simply to say, "really? that is the best we got?" "that is when we've 'made it?'"

I can account for myself. In light of this realize I spend much of my time on things quite trivial.

Meetee just arrived.... maybe I'll hit a round after this, or check up on my stocks...


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