Monday, September 10, 2007

Lose to someone classy...

Finally...after almost 6 agonizing months of looking at an ugly minivan that we had bought out west in order to sell here, we got rid of it!

It truly is a glorious day. Actually, we ended up losing money on the ordeal, but it turned out o.k. The person(s) that we sold it to were the right people to lose money on. They were Filipino folks from the North End of our city. The guy who was buying it, get this,wasn't even gonna drive or technically own the van... He was the god-father of a 29 year old family man who just moved to Winnipeg a month ago from the Philippines, and he decided to welcome him here by buying him a $9000.00 vehicle. What's truly amazing about that is that he himself drove a van that was a piece, way worse than the one he bought for his god-son, our van.

So, I'm truly o.k. with losing money on our van experience to some classy, classy folks, whom we could probably learn a lot from.

I'm thankful for that.

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