Friday, September 21, 2007

Whirlwind trip...

Last week, a friend of mine asked me what I was doing this week for a couple days...I said, "nothing," and so he proceeded to ask me if I wanted to go to Philidelphia to pick up a vehicle he bought, then drive to Columbus, Ohio to pick up another vehicle, then drive home to Winnipeg.

So, this was how it all shook down:
-Left Winnipeg at 7am and arrived in Philidelphia by 1pm.
-Picked up at the Phili airport and drove to Cherry Hill, New Jersey where we picked up the car
-Ate lunch in New Jersey
-Left and drove straight to Columbus, Ohio
-Picked up the 2006 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel Quad Cab (which I drove the rest of the way)
-Continued to drive until past Indianapolis, Indiana
-Stopped at a reststop at 2am, slept for 5 hours.
-Hit the road again at 7am, arrived in Chicago at 8:30 am
-Drove on the Chicago skyway during rush hour with what seemed like three million other cars
-Drove the rest of the way home with a few stops here and there, arrived back in Winnipeg at 1am in the morning.
-Made it home and in my bed at 2am.

So we flew to Philidelphia and drove back in about 40 hours, as if we were just going to the store and then return right away.

It was intense.


Sally said...

So, my first thought was like, you jerk, you came through Chicago and didn't even get in touch to grab a cup of coffee... Then I realized that I was out of town so it wouldn't have mattered anyway. Oh well... Nothing like a road trip!

cody anderson said...

Sally, I wouldn't have even been able to get off that freakin' skyway at 8:30 am...I don't know how you people do that traffic everyday...hope you're well!

Anonymous said...

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