Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Strange calls...

As I was about to sit down and write this, I had an experience that just confirmed to me what I had been thinking about writing...

The phone rang, and I picked it up as normal, "Faith Covenant Church," and it was a lady asking for the pastor. Now, when you work for a church, you know that these phone calls are either people looking for money, or they are really strange...they are not usually looking for the start times of church on Sunday.

I told her that he wasn't here, because I was tired (coming from my job at Starbucks) and did not want to deal with her, but I said I'd take a message. Well I got more than I bargained for. This was her message,

"You need to pray for Canada. You need to pray for Canada and the U.S. Canada is in great trouble. There is a lady here named Cindy. It's short for Cinderella, and she a witch. She is here in Winnipeg and is practicing her witchcraft right here in the city. You need to pray for Canada, she's gonna kill everyone! She is going to kill both white and black people. You need to pray!"

How many of you want to be in church ministry now?

I'll tell you, it never ceases to amaze me the uniqueness of human beings. I told the lady that I would pray, but in my mind I was wondering "WHAT DO I DO WITH THIS?"

Regardless of if what she was saying was true or not, there is a deep truth that speaks in a loud voice for me, the truth that I was planning on writing about before the phone call....

We need Jesus, people. We need Jesus!

As thanksgiving came this last weekend, we were all reminded of all that we have, and hopefully reminded that we did not earn all that we have...that we were given gifts gracefully by God.

We are fragile people in need of a Savior.... So yes, pray for Canada, pray for the U.S. and countries like ours in abundance, that we would not forget how fragile we are, how much we need God.

When we recognize our weakness, it puts us in a posture of thanksgiving and humility... and I believe this is the posture that frees us from the chains of autonomy, a state that leaves us dissatisfied.

There is freedom waiting for those who humble themselves and pray.

Lord, let me never forget all your benefits...may I never cease to give you the honor and praise always.


Shauna said...

Funny thing...I got that same call today...but yes I do agree...we must pray.

gavin said...

Autonomy leaves us dissatisfied.... I like that. I think it's more true than we would like to think.

Be my King, Jesus.

Anonymous said...

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