Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Mafia runs our city.

So this dude came into Starbucks today, clearly a little out of his mind, claiming that all these people we see in the news have all these crazy conspiracy stories behind them. For example, Gary Filmon is a billionaire apparently... But he mentioned that he was brilliant, that he can read people, that he needs to know the truth on things, which is why he knows so much about all our politicians, and their "real" stories. He looked me straight in the eye and said "you're smart like me, I can see've got an I.Q. of over 300, mine is 450." I almost lost it at this point.

But it made me wonder, what if this dude was the dude, what if all these things he was saying were in fact true... what if Gary Filmon was a billionaire, and Sam Katz was part of the mafia! He also said half of Winnipeg is run by the mafia, which I kind of believe.

By the way, he said he met Stephen Harper, and he said that he never steals money from anyone...he's a straight shooter and a good prime minister.

Interesting huh?

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