Friday, December 28, 2007


The phenomenon about North America, to me, is not the fact that we are crazy about getting gifts before Christmas but rather the fact that we are crazier to get more stuff after Christmas... when we already have got tonnes stashed under the tree. People that go out shopping on boxing day don't bother me so much, but it's the waiting in line since noon on Christmas day and all through the night at some electronics outlet store so you can save $300 on a 52 inch plasma, which you are still paying almost $1000 for when it's all said and done.
Boxing day is clear evidence to me that we are a little bit tricked of what is really important. I am not free of being tricked either. I am taking this class on Acts and one of the assignments is to read through acts 6 times, each time being in one day. I started yesterday, and was amazed at how these apostles lived.
These guys really understood what mattered. Rather than waiting in line all night for a 52 inch plasma t.v. they were waiting all night in a jail for the Lord to do something. And guess what He did. And this stuff He did, recorded in the book of acts is more enticing than any entertainment system I could get at Visions half off. Pretty awesome stuff.

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