Sunday, August 24, 2008

Almost done

Summer is nearly over, and I think I am ready for it. It's not like I have a thing against nice weather or anything ridiculous like that, I just have a thing against running around frantically from place to place (so it seems) over a few months.

I've felt like Dana and I have had such a full summer. It's been good, it's just been really full. I guess part of what wears people down about that is all the travelling involved in going different places; a wedding here, a visit there, a drive over there, a camping trip somewhere.

Fall always is like a fresh start to me. It sometimes feels more like a New Year than January 1st does. It's back to routine, back to school for some, back to the daily work grind for others. That's an o.k. thing though.

Routine and random vacationing can balance each other out. When one gets a little bit too much, incorporate the other.

Fall will be good, but I'm sure before long we'll need some spontaneous random vacation or something of the sort to bring us back to the center.


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