Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Small Group

There once was a time when I did not care to be a part of a small group. I'm not really sure why that was either. I am not an overly shy person, I don't mind sharing my thoughts or feelings with another person (or persons) and I can shoot the breeze with strangers pretty easily. Why was being part of a small group not important to me?

Perhaps I was just plain ignorant. They say that you don't know what you've got until it's gone, but in my case I didn't know the worth of something because I never had it in the first place. I didn't put myself in a place that would even give it a shot.

Eventually I did give a small group a shot, and that was all it was. I didn't make it a priority, other things would easily crowd my schedule and our little weekly meeting to discuss the bible was the first thing out the door. I moved from group to group, never really lasting all that long. Why, even though I now tried the small group thing, did I still not care for it?

Why was it so easy to push it right out of my schedule, find that trap door out of it, you know.

I'm pleased to say that I am part of a small group right now, in fact we just met this evening, and I don't see myself bailing on this any time soon. I'm not sure what changed, perhaps it is the people, perhaps the discussion, or something else.....

What I think is going on, though, is that my soul is being awakened to the importance of encouragement in a world that at times seems so incredibly discouraging. I was telling the group tonight how I have felt an incredible weight upon me this week, that weight being the tragedies that have taken place over the last 10 days. Its seems like everyday someone is dying a horrible, unthinkable, death. My soul was being crushed.

To be able to have a place to share intimately the stuff that really matters in life, to have a place to discuss the Word of life, to have a place to pray....I am incredibly thankful this day.

God is good to me, he is good to us.

If by some chance there is someone that has read this to this point, and by chance you are a person who is interested in a small group (or completely disinterested in one) I encourage you, I charge you to join one. Talk to someone who can hook you up with a group. You will not regret it. Give it a better chance than I did sometime ago, make it a necessity in your schedule, value it.

God dwells among His people.


Jason Mills said...

Hey Cody... I hear you about the news these last few weeks. It's been pretty hard on my spirit what's been going on -- and people's responses to it.

I also agree with you about small group. I've been attending a church on and off here in Edmonton when I've been home, but until this summer I never really knew anybody there. Katie McLeod and I joined this small group, and it's been a much better experience than I previously remembered them being.

Hope you're doing well bud.

Jason Mills said...
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Darlene said...

Now, Cody you see what I mean!! I agree.

Anonymous said...

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