Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ikea rookie...

I must have been in a cave the last 10 years, because apparently it's unusual to be 23 and never been to Ikea...I mean, I had first heard about it a long time ago on the movie "fight club," when Edward Norton is obsessed with Ikea.

I was down in Minneapolis this last weekend on vacation visiting some family, and my mom called and asked me to pick up some stuff at Ikea for her...I was off...

First off, this place is freaking huge! It's like a big blue and yellow box, a home decorators playground.

I can't even imagine how much that place is making off that stuff, I must say there were some really cool items there, and it made me want to buy a house for the sole reason of filling it with Ikea stuff. I think I have a problem.

But the stuff wasn't the main highlight for me at Ikea...It was not the cool lamps, or the nice bedroom sets, or the cool art, or trendy curtains...It was the food!

Where else in the world can you get 2 hot dogs, chips, a drink, and a cinnamon bun (that was to die for) for only $3.25!!!

What a beauty. I wish we had one of those here in Winnipeg so I could cut down my dining out budget. What a beauty, I loved it.


Anonymous said...

last year, when we were broke but wanted to 'go out' kristina and i would go to ikea in edmonton for supper. you could eat like a king for cheap.
for shame tho cody... you're a very swedish boy to have never been in an ikea before!
good work on the hockey debacle! i've heard a bit from rob and mills and chelsea, sounds like it was incredible!

Randall said...

Ahh but have you had the 12 meatball meal for $4?


Anonymous said...

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