Monday, June 4, 2007

Cats on the Red...

Yesterday, Doug Watt (in the background of this picture), a friend from our church took Gavin (holding that big ugly fish), Erik, and myself out on the Red River near lockport (only about 10 minutes from Winnipeg) to go catfishing.

If you have never done this, you need to!

The fishing that I am used to is bobber fishing, where you catch a fish that maybe weighs 2 pounds...if your lucky. This kind of fishing is much different. First, the bait you use isn't some little wussy worm, but a montster piece of shrimp...In fact these catfish are so big, that when we ran out of shrimp, doug cut up a Goldeye that he had caught earlier, and we put him on the line. Gavin got the fish head on his line.

When these things bite, you know the fricker is on there. They grab it and run with it. As doug says, these things are "preditors." When they bite, you've gotta really hold onto the rod, set it on your stomach, or your belt, and pull hard, then you reel it in slowly at the right times.

When you finally get the thing close enough, dougie grabs the net and snags it...Then when you actually see the thing you've tired so long to get in the boat, you want to throw it back right away, because they are SO ugly. Nasty things really. They're the type of creatures you just want to hit with the ugly stick... but it's so worth it to so them, what a rush!

Then after you've measured it, (mine was 32 inches long, and about 24 pounds), you take a picture with your prize catch. This is herocious. You've gotta stick your hand down it's mouth, let it bite onto you, then pick it up and hold it's tail end with your other hand... The picture I posted on the top is what this looks like, that is Gavin with his monster.

All in all, it was a beauty day with the boys, fishing in the sunshine, shootin' the breeze, some sunflower seeds, some cigars. All was good.

It's a beauty having friends like dougie around. thanks dougie.

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