Wednesday, June 13, 2007

our very own sauna...

I posted a while back about how this house (in the summertime) is a heat box, that you lose weight just living here. Well yesterday night surpassed anything I'd experienced at 690 Jackson Avenue.

Holy moley it was a suana in here yesterday, especially yesterday night. No matter how many windows we opened, we simply could not cool off the place last night. Bruce, Matt, and myself live in the upstairs, in the tower, up in the heavens, or as Clayton puts it, "the upside down hell" in the summertime. It's brutal.

It's an awful feeling being in bed, having no covers, wearing only some gotch and still feeling as though you're in your very own sauna, which normally I suppose would be a posh thing to have, but in this case it sucks.

It's time to bring out my industrial heat killing, fast air blowing, machine I affectionately call "fan-zilla."

Time to cool off.

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