Friday, June 1, 2007

feels like the west coast...

winnipeg has felt a little bit like Portland or Vancouver, or Seattle with all of the rain and clouds we've been getting over the last couple weeks.

I lived in Portland for about 6 months, during the rainy season. It wasn't all that bad the year I lived there, it was actually a pretty dry winter. But I do remember March. March was kind of like what we were having here, except even more rain if you can believe it.

When it get's like this, you wonder if you will ever see the sunshine again. You sometimes wonder if you even remember what the sun looks like. You start to expect clouds and rain in the morning, clouds and rain in the afternoon, and clouds and more rain in the evening and night.

But then, something beautiful happens... It happens on the west coast, and it's happening here this morning in Winnipeg...You get up, and look out the window and see this amazing blue thing up above. they call it "sky." Ah, a break from the clouds! You see and feel this brilliant light that shines on everything from up above, they call this "sun." Then all of the sudden, for me, you are drawn to a happy place, and this happy place is not stagnant... You want to be pro-active in showing your happiness. You want to say something to the person who gave you these gifts...they call this "thankfulness."

I am thankful today, Creator God, for this break in the weather...and how it reminds me that you will never forsake your people, that you are a good God, and that you desire to give us good and perfect things.

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