Monday, July 21, 2008

camp and other rabbit trails...

Sometimes we say things that seem to be perfectly normal to us, only to realize they either don't make a lot of sense of they come out a lot more sketchy than we thought.

Today I got to see both those scenarios played out...

I told Dana not once, but twice (yes I am a slow learner), that I "lettered the mail" she gave me. It was part of the list of things I had to do and was excited I got it done, and twice I told her that I lettered the mail. Once when I mailed the letter, and then again like 2 hours later.

Soon after that I thought it would be nice to write about camp this year, something inspiring and meaningful....and you guessed it, nothing eloquent came to mind. My wife graciously said that she'd write the blog for me, even though she was only there 36 hours or something like that. I said she could write it.

I think she liked the idea that she could write anything she wanted on here and post it and make a good laugh out of me...

This is how the blog entry she wrote went, probably making perfect sense to her (p.s. she was writing it as if I was talking in first person, even though it was her thoughts):

"I just got back from camp... I like camp
I was leading worship at camp... I like worship
I was counselling a bunch of high school boys... I like high school boys..."

I says "PARDON!"

That'll learn her for trying to be cutesy on my most serious blog entries!

Just jokes, that gave me a heck of a laugh... and for the record, camp was beauty...

God is good, so are Dana's mishaps.

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