Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Gossip kings and queens of the world

Why is it that we, even as Christians, determine that it will be better for some other person if we talk about their issues or circumstances behind their backs rather than pray for them in the quietness of our hearts?

What is it about the human condition, or perhaps our North American condition, that we feel the need (or entitlement) to gossip about others...

I've been struggling deeply with this lately. I am not innocent in this. Why do we struggle so much with judgement, with gossip, with prayer?

I think that we love to be in control (well I know that) and we love to feel power, and we love to deflect things off of ourselves... I think that somehow gossiping allows all three of these to take place.

When we gossip, we're putting ourselves in control of the situation that isn't ours to begin with. We feel power when we gossip because we make ourselves believe what we have to say for another person is better than what they could ever think of themselves. When we talk about other people it allows us to further procrastinate on some things that maybe aren't so pretty in our own lives.

What is it about gossip that we are so addicted to?

Why is our first reaction to other people's circumstance or problems to beat them down verbally behind their backs, or figure things out for them, or make ourselves feel better than them rather than pray for them, asking God's guidance?

Do we really believe what we have to say for __________ is better than what God has to say for _______?

Do we really actually believe we know the heart of ____________ better than God knows the heart of ____________?

Do we really think we're helping the situation at all?

Next time you are tempted to start talking about other people in a wrong way, stop.... slow down.... remember you're not God... remember God knows that person or people infinitely better than you do.... do not play God, you will only condemn yourself.... seek God's wisdom first....don't just conjure up whatever you want.....seek God's Word....

God, I need your help with this....

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