Thursday, April 5, 2007

-20C camping

yeah, it's true. gavin, gerry, erik, del, and myself decided to take an 18 hour excursion out in the vastness that is no more than half an hour east of Winnipeg.

We took this crazy dirt road into where we stayed yesterday. Because the sun was bright and warm, the dirt was more like mud, and I just about wet my pants laughing because Erik was driving "goldie locks" (my rear wheel drive 1982 Volvo 240 GL) through these ruts that seemed higher than the car itself. Gerry and I were in his truck barely able to stay on the road ourselves because we were laughing so hard...I suppose I won't be laughing now when I have to get (what will seem like millions of $ in) front end work on the old girl. oh well, it's so worth it to laugh that hard.

we found a beauty spot, nestled in between two ponds, with a hill (more like a mound of dirt) that gave us shelter from the cold wind. we set up our tents and proceeded to settle in for the rest of the evening by the fire...

why is it that when we're out in places like that, life just seems right. It seems like it is close to the way God intended for life to be...perhaps a little more simple.

All in all, it was much needed. I thank the Lord for times like those in good places with great folks.

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