Monday, April 9, 2007

What starbucks has taught me about the end times...

So, in my few months at the Starbucks on Corydon I have learned a lot of things...For example, I know how to make all kinds of Latte's, Cappuccino's (but don't know how to spell it), and these things called Frappaccino's.

But, I got to learn a very special lesson. Yes, today the lesson was on the end times.

A lady came in to order her drink. Because I was on bar, how it works is the person at the till calls the drink out to me, and I, in turn, call it back and proceed to make it. This lady had asked for a latte, with 2 sweetners...i.e. 2 "splendas" for someone that knows we only carry those on bar. So there I go, making the drink with accurate precision, making sure that it is done very well.

What happens next is that you put the drink on the bar and call out "I have a Grande, Non-Fat, 2 splenda, Extra Hot, Latte."

I handed her the drink, and was going to go do something else, and I looked over and there was a kind of a horrified look on her face... "You put splenda in here?..." "I asked for sweet and low" (which she didn't because she said "sweetner," which last time I checked, wasn't code word for "Sweet and Low..." "Sweetner" could be anything, it could be Syrup for crying out loud!) Anyway, I went on a rant there... She pushed the drink back towards me, and I knew what she wanted. She wanted me to re-do the ENTIRE drink because of a few grains of sweetner! To her, the end times had come, and she needed her saviour that was "Sweet and low!"

Everything in me screamed that this kind of pickiness was wrong...yet I was caught in this battle of thought, because yes, she did pay almost $5 for that drink, and it should be done right...but come on! 2 Sweetners, and you've gotta throw away a whole drink. Am I being unfair in my estimations here?

so, therefore, my conclusion is that we are far too spoiled, and we need to chill out a little bit (maybe a lot) over the little things... because after all, it's not the end of the world.


katie said...

i refunded a vanilla latte today, because, of course, it wasn't as good as the Second Cup one... after making it three times.
i feel your pain.

Brandon said...

and that's why I don't want to work at starbucks.

lisa said...

personally isn't there something wrong with the world when we pay $5 (or more) for a drink in the first place?

Matt said...

So did you make it again??? What happened???

Anonymous said...

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