Monday, April 9, 2007

Interactive blog #1

thanks Chantelle! -cody. interactive blog, hey? I'll give it a go...even though I didn;t make it to church this easter, God still has a way of teaching me when I least expect it. I'm kinda stuck on fiddler on the roof right now (mostly because I stumbled upon a dvd of it this weekend, and I almost forgot how amazing that movie is!) but at the very beginning, there is a line that caught my attention... the narrator says something about how tradition keeps us balanced and without tradition, our lives would be as shaky as a "fiddler on a roof" but oddly enough the theme of the movie has more to do with change than with tradition. anyway I better get to the point here or else I'll just end up ranting about this movie forever (because I really liked it...haha) it got me thinking lots about tradition and change, and how faith can sometimes seem so stuck in the middle of both, and how it sometimes helps makes it easier to accept and even understand why change happens and tradition sticks around.anyways, thats just a tiny piece of what has been going through my mind...and I'm excited because I feel like God is going to go somewhere with He's gonna teach me something here. anyways, thats all for now. ~Chantelle (wow..getting all this out of my head and into a more concrete form helps to sort out thoughts, regardless if they make sense to anyone else or not)

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