Thursday, April 5, 2007

dead Jesus...

so tonight, for maundy thursday, we went to experience artwork by local artist Christian Worthington (at his beauty loft in downtown Winnipeg) to prepare us for this weekend's significance.

The art he does is incredible. There was one specific painting that haunted most people that looked at it. It was a huge painting of Jesus, lying on a stone table... dead. I know it almost seems wrong to say that, but it is what it is. I kept coming back to that painting, I was drawn to it. Most people were avoiding it, or couldn't look at it long. But it had the most significant effect on me. I think I know why...

It gave me the most raw, clear, and vivid picture of Jesus' humanity. It gave me a blunt realization that Jesus actually died. He was dead...not just play dead...he was lying on a stone table, dead...separated from God, for three days. This picture, so clear in this painting, gave me such an appreciation for our Great High Priest who knows our weaknesses and can identify with our pain, because he went through it all himself...even death, for real.

Love so amazing, so divine, demands my soul, my life, my all.


Matt said...

Hmm, I don't know. I didn't really find it uncomfortable, I just didn't find it as interesting as some of the other ones.

There were a couple that stuck out to me though, like the woman's face on the white frame or the textured one with the angel.

It was a good time.

katie said...

i think my favorite was the one of the woman, on the dark canvas, under the 4 or 5 small ones of Jesus. nadine and i had a huge discussion about it, and then we started seeing things besides the face in it. it was amazing! the artist is phenomenal. i cut sit in his studio all day.