Monday, April 30, 2007

my ode to my cars...

for any of you that know me, you know that I have had a few cars in my lifetime...maybe that's an understatement. In just 4 years, I've owned 10 cars! again, for any of you that know me, you know they've been mostly pieces.

last week, I entered a new land in my car experience...the land of the brand new. Crazy for Cody Anderson, I know! I figured that I needed something consistent in my life, that I needed to end this pattern of buyin different cars just to add change to my life... and that doesn't cause a problem until you start losing money on them real quick. that was my story, most of the time....

I bought a 2007 Hyundai Accent, and I am in it for the long haul! It doesn't make it so hard to be in it for a while when it's something you really like, something that you enjoy driving.

As I was thinking about all the other cars I've owned, I realized I have driven quite a plethora of makes and models. I want to list them down here, from the first car I owned back when I was 19 to the present day.

Here is my list of the beauties over the years, enjoy:
-1994 Dodge Spirit (the first, and a memorable one...the tranny blew in the first week. Chris Klowak now has owned it for almost 4 years...kudos to you klowak.)
-1992 Chevrolet S10 (I felt hot in this one, my first truck. my uncle darin gave this truck to me, what a graceful jesture...I kept this one the longest out of all the cars I've owned thus far. goes to show that sometimes free gifts are the best gifts.)
-Freaking old truck camper (o.k. so this isn't a car, but it's a notable mention because it's so rediculous...i had this brilliant idea to go out one saturday and buy a camper. I've always been in to those things, and I found this old one that fit in a truck, and since I had a truck, I thought it just made sense to buy it. I got it for $400, strapped that baby on my little S10 with tie down straps, yikes!>...and had the scariest ride I've ever had in my life on the perimeter hwy back home. I think when my parent saw this big rediculous piece on their driveway they knew the full extent of my addiction.!)
-1986 Nissan King Cab 4X4 (this one was a piece of work, I mean literally...It was a two toned "I till yuo whuat" redneck rock had 31" wheels, and plenty of rust, I sold it probably 3 weeks after I got it, but not before bruce reimer and I took it on the floodway to bury it in some mud)
-1979 Volvo 242DL (I was living in Portland, Oregon and thought I had some extra money. I saw this beauty in the classifieds for $800, I went to look at it and got it for $540...I put a paint job on it, and kept it until I left Portland. I definately ended up losing money on that one!)
-1991 Subaru Loyale (I gave my truck to Erik while I was out in Portland because he wanted it to do reno's on his house...this just gave me a good excuse to buy another car! this is what I bought, what a sweet car... Erik now owns this one, it's still ticking, literally now.)
-1984 Volkswagon Rabbit (my pastor owned a 1979 Rabbit and loved it, so I figured I'd buy one and test it out, figuring that 1984 was just as good as his awesome 1979, oops...this turned out to be the biggest mistake car I have ever owned! What a joke, I'm still paying off the repairs on this one! A friend and I drove 3 hours to look at it and buy it, and when I got it, it needed about $1000 worth of work!. this whole experience is way better to be left in the past, right dana! you live and you learn)
-1989 Dodge Aries K Car (after my bout with the piece that was the Rabbit, I figured I'd step up in the car world and go to this one! I bought if for $600...I kept it for a few months, and then gave it away to some great folks I know, they are still driving it)
-1986 Jeep 4X4 (I picked up this piece from a sketchy dude in the north end...It was definately an impulse buy, and thus I ended up selling it 2 weeks later...I made the most money on this one when I sold it though, about $500, and also gained a crazy story in terms of the people I sold it to)
-1992 Buick Century Wagon (I bought this from an old man who had babied it, it was a sweet looking ride [at least I thought it was] and all it needed was a roof rack to be really awesome...done and done. I sold it because I was going to try walking everywhere, I made $100 on it.)
-1982 Volvo 240 GL (so my walking excursion lasted 10 days, and it ended as soon as I laid eyes on goldie locks here. this gold volvo gave me awesome memories of the 1979 Porland Volvo...this is the most recent used car I've owned, in fact I still own it, and I'm trying to sell it, because...)

That brings me to my 2007 Hyundai's a sweet ride...this list will halt now for at least 5 years...I hope you enjoyed the show.


katie said...

congrats on the new car!
i remember the 10 days when you didn't have a car... that was the most i've ever seen you at the duplex! seriously.
you were right, you know, i am missing winnipeg even more than i thought i would. alberta is good too, but i still miss manitoba more than i thought i was going to. although, i don't miss the PST one bit.

cody anderson said...

katie...we miss ya here! Make sure you come back with lot's of that Alberta money, and then just dump it into retail here to help the manitoba economy! take care.

Luedemann said...

I figured i'd put my last name since if i put mike, you probably wouldn't know who i was. I remember someone, maybe kyra, no, it was Erik, telling me about the camper, haha.

Anonymous said...

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