Tuesday, March 20, 2007

does spring cause emotional people...?

so I can't remember the last time I've had so many conversations with people about how they're so tired, or how they're kind of feeling down, or how there's not much to hope for these days.
I suppose I'm somewhat in the same boat as these people, so it could just be that I am only hearing those that resonate with what's going on in me.
I was talking to a friend last night about this, and we were saying how this is a funny season in Winnipeg...because spring is just within view, yet seems so far away when you have days like yesterday when it's still like -87C in the middle of March.
Do people role with the season's?
Does this odd season of spring just remind us of our longing for brighter days, our need for something/someone to hope in... Do we just need a new beginning?
It's coming folks


Brandon said...

i can't wait!

Anonymous said...

maybe in this world longing..hoping for something better isn't so bad.

Anonymous said...

i always get spring fever