Saturday, March 24, 2007


so for all you folks of the elder variety that have trouble with slang terms like s'up (what is up), 'm whichu (I am with you), that's sick (that's awesome), that's gross (I really like that),
wicked (good)... I'm here to give you some encouragement!

I'm of this slang generation, and I've been trying to figure out this term my friends and those younger than me keep using...the term is "holla." see with all those other slang terms I listed before, they all either have the normal meaning in them already (just shortened), or they are cleverly the opposite of the what the websters dictionary describes them as.

but "holla?" what the frick does that mean? websters defines "holler" (which I'm assuming is where "holla" comes from) 1. to shout; yell. 2. a shout. I still fail to see how when someone says, "hey, I really think that coat you are wearing is sick..." (see I'm with this conversation until...) and the person with the coat says back, "Holla!"

did I miss something? you're friend just said your coat was awesome and you say "o.k., quick, go shout real loud noises..."

what happened to "thanks" (thank you).

So for those of you folks who are reading this that have never understood the slang of my encouraged because on this one, I am one of you.


Brandon said...

i'm with you on this one as well my friend. have fun in portland.

katie said...

you make me laugh. almost out loud.
and i quote: "you're friend just said your coat was awesome and you say "o.k., quick, go shout real loud noises...""
why do i feel like that's about me? ha. brandon and i were talking about checking to see if you had blogged about this yet when i was taking them home, i am glad to see that a) we both checked, and b) you actually did it.
i suppose i haven't much else to add. although, after a taking slight pause to consider it, that i will link my xanga for you. i rarely update it, but i've been 'blogging' for a couple of years now, however, its another site that you can't comment on unless you have a similar page.

gavin said...


Did you fill Rabboni in on your emotional breakdown last Sunday?

Just so you know, Winnipeg is just barely hanging on without you. I shall "remember" you to Him.

katie said...

oh man. i seriously have a hillarious story to tell you about this 'holla' debacle. i hope you think it's a funny tale, you might not, actually, but i sure do, and you can bet i'll be sharing it with you.

Anonymous said...

hey yo...
first of all, I hear ya. but its still fun to say every now and then.
second, you have a blog AND you looked up holler in, I continue to be surprised by you...

alright, later

Anonymous said...

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