Wednesday, March 21, 2007

the new family...?

so remember when t.v. shows like "family ties," "full house," and "family matters" were airing on pre-prime/prime time television in the evenings? I can't say they were really emmy-winning material by any stretch of the imagination, but they always kind of gave you those warm fuzzy feelings inside. I mean, all the family shows portrayed the families having some kind of adversity to push through each episode, but it always seemed to "get better" by the end of the thirty minutes. Now, I am not here trying to argue that these shows were an honest, accurate, depiction of how the family actually operates, I just was caught by something this week...
Now I don't know if I've just been out of the t.v. loop for too long, but it seems that MTV is starting to create their own shows about families... I watched an episode of "House of Carters" or whatever the frick it's called...holy crap, talk about a different portrayal of family in comparison to the "tanners" on full house.
Again, I'm not here to argue which type of show is better, the made up portrayal of a made up family like the shows used to be... or the raw, blunt, possibly played up(?) reality shows of "the new family..." (i.e. house of carters, Newlywed simpsons, the osbornes)
I have nothing else to say except to keep your hearts and minds in check while watching t.v. these days...I think a lot of us, and our families, ARE buggered up, but not all are...
Don't let MTV dictate how you're supposed to interact with people in life...keep yourself in check.

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Allison Bench said...

just thought i'd state that house of carters is THE WORST SHOW IN THE ENTIRE WORLD

dear lord... do NOT get me started on that stupid thing.